Libby Potthast Dragged For Wanting A Nanny On HEA

Libby and Andrei Castravet have been dragged by viewers all season. Now fans are criticizing Libby’s insistence that she hires a nanny for Ellie.

Libby and Andrei Castravet have earned the ire of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? viewers and the mother of Ellie is now being called out for wanting to hire a nanny. The 90 Day Fiancé couple has seen their popularity continue to plummet as they appear on multiple franchise spin-off shows. Viewers have blasted Andrei for his entitlement, vulgarity and arrogance and called Libby out for siding with her husband and enabling his bad behavior. Many fans think that Libby’s insistence on hiring a nanny is nothing more than a ploy to fit a high-class image.

Viewers find the Potthast family to be arrogant, culturally ignorant, and overly dramatic. Many fear that the group is angling for their own spin-off show, which could explain Libby’s need to fit a certain image. However, viewers see through the family and their desire to be regarded as reality TV celebrities. The recent episode of Happily Ever After saw Andrei slamming his wife’s idea to hire a nanny to help with young Ellie since Libby is working from home. However, Libby’s sister Jenn suggested that she hire a nanny behind her husband’s back since Andrei is now working for her father Chuck in his house flipping business. Meanwhile, Andrei is busy feuding with Libby’s brother Charlie.

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One user took to Reddit to call Libby out in a post titled, “A nanny Libby? Seriously??” The user wrote in their post, “Is she aware that MILLIONS of families have their children in daycare? If you want to stay home and raise your child, that’s fine. But if you have to work, you have to work. What an entitled twat!” Libby and Andrei have both been branded entitled and lazy freeloaders since they have openly accepted money from patriarch Chuck for their living accommodations and lavish second wedding. Many fans questioned the reasons behind Libby wanting to hire a nanny. “I think she wants a nanny so she can say ‘I have a nanny’. It’s status for her,” one top comment reads. “She needs a brain and some morals. That would be a good start. Her whole family is a bunch of rejects,” another fan wrote back.

Viewers expressed that Libby and her family likely think they are too good to take any of their children to daycare. “‘Daycare is for peasants.’ ~Family Libby,” one commenter wrote. Others expressed that lying to Andrei about getting a nanny sounds like a terrible idea. “I don’t think having a nanny is a big deal BUT lying to the child’s father about who his child is with is a f**king big deal. It’s so gross, this whole family is just gross. Not one of them is appealing or personable. I need someone to like or I can’t watch!” another viewer commented. Others dragged Libby for her attitude. “She’s fake pretentious. Nothing to back it up. No money. No looks. No power. Nothing. Fake cheap a** base baby Mercedes Benz. Husband drives base truck. No options by the look of it. Both white cars which are $0 options. Fake money. Fake,” a commenter expressed.

Though fans have been dragging the Potthast family and Andrei for the entirety of the current Happily Ever After season, there is a chance the family won’t be disappearing from TLC anytime soon. Viewers have speculated that the family is angling to follow in the footsteps of The Family Chantel and secure their own spin-off show. Family members are shown to dress up to almost a ridiculous level while filming and appear to utter scripted lines to keep the drama flowing. This is the exact opposite direction that 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? fans want to see the franchise moving since viewers have called for the franchise to once again feature the K-1 visa process rather than contrived drama.

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