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Limited Edition Period Correct x SUPER73 E-Bike Revealed

Limited to just 15 units.

SUPER73 has just unveiled a new limited edition e-bike that was made thanks to a collaboration with Period Correct, the popular clothing brand known for its automotive capsule collections. Giving this special edition SUPER73 e-bike its own identity are a few special touches that the two brands came up with. This includes the deep blue frame, fenders, and battery that’s contrasted by silver for the details and the Period Correct logo. For the seat, they went with a blue and green design that’s made out of durable fabric. Being a SUPER73-S1 model, it comes with a 768 watt-hour battery that has a range of more than 25 miles at 20 mph when used under throttle-only operation. When the ECO pedal assist mode is used, it can travel over 35 miles.

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