LITO Stainless Steel Tumblers have a double-layer insulated design that’s sleek & stylish » Gadget Flow

Keep hot and cold drinks at their ideal temperatures with LITO Tumblers. The cutting-edge technology used to develop the double-layer insulated design ensures iced drinks stay cold for at least 8 hours and hot drinks hot for more than 2 hours! And unlike other brands’ tumblers, the LITO leakproof top won’t spill, while the mouth fits wide and standard straws. Their sleek shape fits comfortably in your hand and also in car cup holders. Not only that, but this 10-ounce cup also stays sweat-free on the outside no matter what liquid is inside. Choose from 9 fun colors: red, yellow, seafoam green, bright blue, navy blue, purple, pink, black, and white. The trendy Luxury In The Outdoors (LITO) tumblers get top-notch reviews.

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