Loki Director Debunks Mephisto Theory

Loki director Kate Herron denies theories that Mephisto will appear, explaining that the devil the show refers to is the God of Mischief himself.

Don’t expect Mephisto to appear in Loki, as director Kate Herron outright debunks theories that the Marvel devil was teased in the show’s premiere. MCU Phase 4 continues on the small screen with the Tom Hiddleston-led series, which just debuted its first episode titled, “Glorious Purpose.” Much of the outing sets up the rest of its story, and with that, there’s increased interest in the idea that Mephisto might factor into the project.

The Marvel devil was highly rumored to appear in WandaVision with multiple theories attempting to fit him in the show’s arc. For a time, there was an idea that he was behind what’s happening in Westview and that, somehow, he’s attached to Agatha Harkness. In the end, none of those materialized as the character was a non-factor in Scarlet Witch and Vision’s headlining project. That said, there’s still an expectation that it’s only a matter of time before Mephisto is actually debuted in the MCU, and there have been speculations that it would be via Loki.

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For those who are holding out hope that this would be the case, Herron effectively debunks the idea that the Loki premiere was hinting at the character’s eventual appearance. In the episode, Agent Mobius M. Mobius found himself in 1500s France in a church with a demon mural on a stained glass window. Further, the TVA agent himself mentioned that they will take care of “that devil.” However, the Loki director explains to ET Online that the references were just about the God of Mischief. Read what Herron said below:

It’s honestly just a super weird coincidence. Like, it’s genuinely a reference to Loki — the horns, he was cast out of heaven, that’s what it’s a reference to. Because we filmed that a long time before– I think WandaVision must have been in post when we filmed that. I did see all the stuff about that online and I was like, “Oh, this is going to be interesting.” [Laughs] But no, it’s more relevant to the themes of our show and it’s not a nod to that character.

Loki Episode 1 Devil Window

Coming into Loki, there were already theories about Mephisto finally making his MCU debut through the show. Aside from the aforementioned perceived indications, which Herron has now squashed, Richard E. Grant’s role in the series has continued to be a mystery. While there’s no scarcity of Marvel characters that Grant could play given his acting talent, he could very well be playing Mephisto. Many were convinced that this was the reason why his role has remained tightly under wraps even as the show now officially airs. With Mephisto now officially out of Loki, it’s more curious who Grant might be playing in the project.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the Marvel devil is not in MCU’s cards just because he’s not in Loki. It’s possible that Marvel Studios is simply waiting for the right moment to debut the character. Considering the plethora of new key players such as the Time Keepers, it makes sense that there’s no rush for him to join the franchise.

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Source: ET Online

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