Lordstown Motors Endurance Electric Truck Entering Baja Race In April

As the electric pickup truck segment continues to heat up, automakers are looking for different ways to highlight the capability of these battery-powered machines. For several companies, this has involved participating in motorsport events. GMC’s Hummer EV is slated to participate in the upcoming Extreme E series, whereas the Rivian R1T recently ran the Rebelle Rally. Now though, Lordstown Motors is getting in on the fun. According to a report from Roadshow, the Lordstown Endurance pickup will take on the San Felipe 250 in April.

The San Felipe 250 will take place on April 17, and will mark the official start of the SCORE World Desert Championship. Arguably the most difficult section in Baja, this 290 mile race is going to be a proper challenge for the Ohio-based electric pickup company. Large whoops, silty conditions, and rocky terrain all come together to make for a serious suspension-challenging run.

The Lordstown Motors Endurance is heading to baja to take on the San Felipe 250 in April.
Image Via Lordstown Motors.

The Lordstown Endurance will participate in the Baja-e class wearing #E414, though not in production spec. Instead, the race truck will simply utilize the same skateboard platform as the stock truck. This means it will carry a 109-kWh battery, four in-hub motors, and 37-inch tires. Output is rated at 600 horsepower and 4,400 lb-ft of torque. That is a wheel torque figure by the way, not unlike the 11,500 lb-ft rating we’ve seen from the Hummer. Range is expected to be around 250 miles, though expect some loss of range during the race. In fact, it won’t be too surprising if the truck has to stop a few times during the event for a quick battery top up.

We love the fact that Lordstown Motors is sending the Endurance to do some off-road racing. While other companies may have beat them to the punch, this is the sort of interaction we need from automakers if they want to drum up more EV excitement. Just ask the team over at SCG about that.

The Lordstown Motors Endurance electric pickup is heading to baja to take on the San Felipe 250 in April.
Image Via Lordstown Motors.

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