LS-Swapped DeLorean At 2021 SEMA Show Toyo Tires Treadpass

There are certain vehicles that need no introduction. The DMC DeLorean is one of those vehicles. Designed by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro (Lotus Esprit, VW Golf Mk I, Iso Grifo, etc.) made its way on to the big screen in the 1985 Film “Back To The Future” and has remained famous from that movie ever since. Being so collectable, DeLoreans are rarely tampered with, but builder Tim Moceri and his team took to breaking that principle, and presented an LS-swapped DeLorean in Las Vegas last week in an attempt to win the 2021 SEMA Show Battle of the Builders. However, he was not a finalist. But we here at MC&T love this sort of stuff, and would have awarded him with anything we had on hand. Our media lanyard, perhaps.

Moceri runs Salvage 2 Savage in Florida, and they do some pretty amazing things to cars and trucks. In the case of this DeLorean that sports a tepid 130 horsepower engine with 5-speed transmission from the factory, it gets a modern muscle overhaul. Moceri opted for a Chevrolet 5.3L LS-block V8 engine, and proceeded to marry a pair of turbochargers to it. It’s not stolen plutonium putting out 1.21 gigawatts of power, but it gets the job done. Nevertheless, the DeLorean body had to be modified in order to fit the LS engine and Porsche transmission, however there were no major issues, surprisingly. You can view the video of the project in the videos below:

The looks of the LS swapped DeLorean are everything. When it came to the rear deck lid the team went with lexan louvers and a custom brushed vent plate. The lighting system was all done by Steve at Skeptik innovations and really set the vehicle’s tone. The engine was fitted with twin Garrett turbos that show themselves off below the rear bumper, where the diffuser would normally be. Inside, the DeLorean is fitted with suede alcantara seats in rose from Status racing as well as a digital dash, the Haltech Ic7 LCD. Also featured in place of a flux capacitor is the Nexus R5 which serves as the computer of the car. The build also features a wide body kit and gorgeous Skol three-piece wheels.

And if the twin-turbo LS-swapped DeLorean wasn’t enough, Salvage To Savage also parked its second 2021 SEMA Show Build at the Toyo Tires Treadpass right next to it: a Tesla Model-S Swapped Chevy C-10 (not to be confused with the Chevy-swapped Tesla).

What do you think?

SEMA Show 2021 Toyo Tires Treadpass LS Swapped Swap DeLorean DMC-12 Salvage To Savage Twin-Turbo
Image via Salvage to Savage Facebook.

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