Lyric Vibroacoustic Massager uses direct frequencies to relieve soreness and pain » Gadget Flow

Say goodbye to post-workout muscle pain with the Lyric Vibroacoustic Massager. This fitness gadget relies on applying frequencies directly to the body to ease temporary muscle pain. What’s more, the Wi-Fi connectivity gives you access to the latest updates and wellness content for a personalized experience. Also, the elevated design and portable docking station allow this massager to fit stylishly into your life. It stows easily in a bag and boasts five beautiful hues.  Even better, it’s easy to hold, letting you access hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, the Lyric Massager helps to relieve tension and restore calm after a long day. Additionally, it’s also an energy booster, helping you feel more alert and ready to tackle whatever your day might bring. Finally, with the included extension handle, four massage attachments, and attachment station, this gadget is a breeze to use.

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