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Mah-Ze-Dahr’s Umber Ahmad Shares 3 Incredibly Easy Recipes

Last year, on March 12, I got a phone call from my husband: I was told that everyone was being sent home to work from their respective abodes indefinitely. At that point I knew that things were bad—and they were about to get worse. By the weekend, New Yorkers were starting to hoard necessities and engage in the brutally competitive art of panic buying in a city full of anxiety-ridden type-A supermoms. Lockdown and stay-at-home orders were imminent.

And while everyone was loading up on things like toilet paper, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, and masks, I was good on all those fronts. (I’m Asian through and through so buying in bulk is how I roll.)

But we didn’t have the kind of little pleasures that brought me joy. Things that are mostly epicurean in nature. So I focused on acquiring the foodstuff I knew I would miss and headed straight to Mah-Ze-Dahr (my beloved local bakery) to stock up on baked goods to freeze before the space temporarily closed on the 18th.

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