Major Biomutant Patch Adds Motion Blur Slider & Narrator Options

Biomutant has received a number of new features from a recent patch, including a slider to adjust motion blur and the option to silence the narrator.

Experiment 101’s one-of-a-kind kung-fu apocalypse adventure game, Biomutant, is receiving an extensive patch that aims to remedy some of the game’s more controversial aspects. The long wait for Biomutant ended when it released on May 25th, 2021 to mixed reviews. While some outlets heaped considerable praise on the furry action game, some sources, such as Screen Rant‘s own review, criticized the game for its underwhelming combat, among other issues.

Much of the criticism focused on the bold integration of the game’s perennial narrator, as Experiment 101 opted to make the financial and creative call to have all characters speak in fictional languages, translated by an English audio overlay. While this decision can help reinforce the game’s self-proclaimed position as a fable by creating a mystical atmosphere, many gamers found it awkward and immersion-breaking in its execution. Luckily for these detractors, the latest update adds a handful of audio customization options and adjustments.

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In the Steam notes for Patch 1.4 under the “Dialogue & Narrator” section, Experiment 101 expands on some promised customization options for players unhappy with the original method. With the update, players can now choose to entirely remove either the English narration or the bits of fictional gibberish spoken by the game’s characters. In addition to this, the patch tweaks the mixing, timing, and volume of the simultaneous performances to make them mesh more seamlessly.

Biomutant Tree of Life Aura

While this patch includes several fixes, it also serves to buttress the more well-received aspects of the game; When looking at the sea of criticism leveled at the title, there is one point that most players, even disappointed ones, can agree on: Biomutant is a visual treat. It would seem that the developers at Experiment 101 are looking to further improve this side of the experience, as the patch adds a number of visual enhancements, not least of which the option to reduce or completely remove motion blur. This will come as welcome news to gamers running Biomutant on a system that supports higher framerates, as the setting will help make the lush landscapes and characters appear more visually crisp while on the move.

Biomutant is a game that has proven to be extremely divisive since its release due to confusing creative choices and the implementation of shallow and rote open-world formulas. Even with the breathtaking landscapes, inspired character designs, and deep customization options, Biomutant’s poor performance and cumbersome gameplay will make it a chore for many to engage with. Still, its commitment to stunning visuals and mythic worldbuilding is to be admired, and further post-release support from Experiment 101 could go a long way when it comes to solidifying its enchanted fanbase, and maybe even convincing a few detractors to give the game a second chance.

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