Maker Squeezes Linux SBC Into Cell Phone Charger

In the ongoing contest to find the world’s smallest booting computer, we might have found a new contender. In a post via Hackaday, prolific builder of things Ryan Walker has posted on Medium about his project to squeeze a fully functional Wi-Fi router into the casing of a phone charger. And for once this doesn’t involve a Raspberry Pi rather an alternative single board computer has been chosen.

The Realtek RTL8188CUS is a cheap Wi-Fi chip

(Image credit: Realtek)

The project, which Walker describes as a ‘Pineapple’ (a router designed for network attacks and exploits that you connect to your target’s network for password sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks and other nefarious network noodling), is designed to look completely innocuous, housed inside of a typical phone charger case. It boots Linux on an Allwinner A33 (a quad-core processor used in cheap Android tablets) with 1GB of DDR3 and an SD card for storage.

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