Man creates website to ‘find the love of his life’ – and says his ideal woman is vegan and ‘not too crazy’

A WOULD-BE boyfriend has created an entire website just to find a girl who is “the love of his life”.

Brandon Cowan is encouraging single women to apply for dates with him – you just need to like animals, but not be too “crazy” and preferably eat vegan.

The 24-year-old from Sydney – who is a full-time animal adoption officer – set up to help him search for a girlfriend.

After having little romantic success with dating apps like Tinder – and even starring on TV show Beauty and the Geek – he is now attempting to take searching for a future partner into his own hands.

Writing on his new site, he explained: “You might be thinking I’m really desperate for a girlfriend.

“If so, you’d be wrong. I’m just looking for the right person, like millions of other people.”

Brandon added: “You’re probably thinking I’m a weirdo for even making this website… I’m only a bit weird, I promise! (Disclaimer: my friends may argue otherwise).

“This is not a joke. I’m hoping to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.”

He directly encourages visitors to ask him out on a date or to nominate a friend.

However, the Australian – who describes himself as “shy at first”, but “chilled out” and keen to have one or two kids in five years’ time – has a set criteria for his “ideal person to date”.

Most of his requests are very reasonable.

He’d like to meet someone who is between 20 and 28 years old and lives within a 70-minute drive of his North Shore home.

Brandon also asks that they be “not [too] crazy”, “be honest, respectful, and fun” and “not be ridiculously jealous or controlling in a relationship”.

But they must definitely be an animal lover since he is “a bit suspicious of those people out there who don’t like animals.

Applicants also get bonus points if they, like him, are vegan or vegetarian.






Finally, he requests that those who get in touch via a form on the site aren’t “fake people, backyard breeders and hunters”.

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