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Marine and Coastal Grade Undercounter Refrigeration

Having an outdoor living space is one of the coolest things to do and being enveloped in nature. However, that brings challenges like rust breaking havoc on appliances. Perlick has a solution with its Marine and Coastal Grade Undercounter Refrigeration. This means refrigeration in the most extreme environments which normally attracts rust. Perlick Armor claims to be the only all-stainless marine-grade under-counter refrigeration line. This is useful if your home is in coastal conditions, a saltwater pool, or a boat on the open water where saltwater can cause rust to all appliances. Perlick Armor combines a mix of 316 and 304 stainless steel. This is for food safety and also for ease of cleaning since it is easier to clean than plastic found on marine-grade products. Units also come equipped with upgraded 18-8 stainless steel and zinc plated fasteners to ensure rust won’t form in attachment zones. Additionally, a protective coating is applied to the refrigeration system for added durability. These also feature energy-efficient cooldowns and also cool down quite fast. The warranty includes six years of full parts and labor. This would be a perfect fit for a coastal lifestyle and also for a beach house.

Marine and Coastal Grade Undercounter Refrigeration

“We created a product that meets the needs of our customers’ environments while still upholding the same commercial-grade quality our customers expect from Perlick. Design and aesthetics are paramount to our customers. Perlick ArmorTM will allow customers to create the outdoor living space of their dreams, regardless of location,” said Brian Madson, Product Marketing Manager, Perlick.

Marine and Coastal Grade Undercounter Refrigeration

The idea for the line came when one Perlick customer was residing on the Atlantic coast and needed a solution for her rusting appliances. Weather, saltwater, and other factors lead to premature rust and these appliances would come in handy.

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