Martin Lewis reveals simple tip to save £100 a year off energy bills – and it’s really easy

MARTIN Lewis has revealed a simple trick to save £100 a year off your energy bills – with just a flick of a switch.

The consumer guru explained how switching off your Wi-Fi over night could slash cash off your bills.

The tip was revealed in Martin’s cost of living crisis survival guide on MoneySavingExpert as families are being clobbered by soaring bills from energy to food to fuel.

The guide includes readers’ top tips for cutting bills – and one fan explained how leaving the Wi-Fi-rooter off could save you money.

The reader, who tweeted his tip to Martin under the handle @radiohead319, said: “When trying to reduce electrity consumption, focus on devices you that are on 24×7.

“Obviously you can’t do much about your fridge, but how about that 35w WiFi router costing £100 in electricity per year? A £5 plug-in timer, switching it off 8 hours overnight, would payback in a month!”

Although Martin said the maths hasn’t been checked out on this tip, he said it could be “useful” to help you save money on your bills.

That’s because internet rooters guzzle energy – and unplugging it at night when you’re not using it could help stop electricity being wasted.

However, The Sun asked Uswitch to crunch the numbers and the savings you can make from the readers’ tip might be less than this.

The comparison site estimates turning the Wi-Fi off for eight hours a day could save £28.62 over the year.

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It comes as both broadband bills and energy bills are rising and pinching millions of families’ finances.

Households saw their energy bills DOUBLE from the beginning of this month after the price cap – which limits how much energy companies can charge customers – increased to £1,971.

And many broadband providers have hiked prices for millions of customers.

Virgin Media has already raised customers bills by an average of £56, and Sky customers’ bills will go up by £43 this month.

How else can I save money on energy bills?

It’s not just the Wi-Fi rooter you should be switching off to save on energy bills.

Switching off “vampire” appliances that are using energy unnecessarily – like computers, outdoor lights, and electric towel rails – could save you up to hundreds of pounds a year.

Making simple draught-proofing tweaks could save you up to £25 a year.

Applying clingfilm to your window sill and stuffing old towels up against gaps in doors could help you keep in warm air – and use your heating less.

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Even making your cuppa differently could save you money.

Only fill it with the amount of water you need to save you £6 a year.

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