Marvel’s New Sorcerer Supreme Discovers Why She Was the Only Choice

Doctor Strange was a powerful Sorcerer Supreme, but Clea has a huge advantage against the magical threats to Earth that he just didn’t.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Strange #8!Having only recently replaced Doctor Strange following his death, the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth isn’t anywhere near as famous to its heroes and heroes, and yet Clea has found a way to turn that to her advantage.

After the murder of Doctor Strange, a time-displaced version of him came back to solve the mystery behind his death. Once that case was closed, he declared his widow, Clea Strange, as his successor. Her first order of business was to try and resurrect her dead husband from beyond the grave. As it turns out, death recruited Stephen Strange to be her avatar called the Harvestman. Unfortunately, since she is a force of life as the Sorcerer Supreme and he is a force of death, they are unable to touch each other, as doing so would upend the natural order.


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In Strange #8, by Jed Mackay and Stefano Landini, Stephen returns to see his old friends at the Sanctum. One of these friends tells a story about a former magical division of SHIELD called WAND. After it was disbanded, WAND became a criminal syndicate called the Blasphemy Cartel. That’s who Stephen is supposed to take down as the Harvestman, because they are disrupting the natural order by raising the dead. He also states that Clea has an advantage against the Blasphemy Cartel, as they never expected or planned for her to be the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Clea Strange Is Earth’s Secret Weapon

clea strange as sorcerer supreme

Clea holds a very peculiar place in Earth’s realm of magical heroes. It’s not that she’s not powerful enough to be the Sorcerer Supreme. It’s quite the opposite. She’s so powerful that she can be the Sorcerer Supreme of her native Dark Dimension and Earth at the same time. However, it seems no-one considered the possibility because of how little time she’s spent on Earth. The Blasphemy Cartel had plans to counteract Wong, Baron Mordo, Dr. Doom, and any other magicians from Earth, but not the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

There’s also the peculiar way in which Clea gained the title. It was noted that most Sorcerers Supreme earn the mantle by competing for the favor of the Vishanti, but Clea did not. Doctor Strange bestowed it upon her – an unprecedented move which enraged competitors like Dr. Doom, who Clean has had to fend off from trying to take the title by force. Of course, Clea is more than up for the challenge, which benefits her immensely. The fact that she’s both strong enough to hold the title of Sorcerer Supreme and is an unlikely candidate makes her the person most suited to take on the Blasphemy Cartel, and a genius choice of successor by Doctor Strange.

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Strange #8 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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