Marvel’s Version of Godzilla is the Key to Creating New Super Soldiers

Marvel just revealed SHIELD didn’t dispose of a failed Super Soldier Serum that helped create the American Kaiju and it’s fallen into the wrong hands.

Warning! Spoilers for U.S. Agent #5 by Marvel Comics below!

The latest super soldiers in the Marvel Universe are taking a Super Soldier Serum that was used to create one of the biggest monsters in the galaxy, the American Kaiju. In the latest issue of USAgent, John Walker discovers the latest serum being used by his sister and the new U.S. Agent comes from the American Kaiju Project, a failed attempt to recreate the concoction that created Captain America.

The American Kaiju first debut in Avengers #6 by Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval, as a soldier named Todd Ziller (a pun on Godzilla), was given an experimental serum in an effort to remake the original Super Soldier Serum. The mixture featured all kinds of dangerous properties, including Curt Connors lizard formula, Pym Particles, and gamma radiation. The serum turned the U.S. army corporal into a massive kaiju, who would be known as the American Kaiju (sporting an American flag on his head). He most recently appeared in the King in Black event, where he battled symbiote dragons.

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In USAgent #5 by Christopher Priest, Georges Jeanty, Karl Story, Matt Milla, and Joe Sabino, John Walker faces off against his sister Kate and her boyfriend April Manning – the latter who has become the newly appointed U.S. Agent. He learns the pair are injecting themselves with a serum which was a failed attempt to recreate the original Super Soldier Serum. It does make them stronger, but the effects are temporary. It turns out SHIELD kept some of the serum used to create the American Kaiju and also inadvertently created another blue Kaiju, which Walker is forced to deal with as he tracks down Manning and his sister.

American Kaiju

Walker pieces together the Kaiju’s blue blood is the same he noticed with his sister and realizes the fuel waste stored in a fake warehouse from a SHIELD helicarrier fused with the lizard created a powerful monster. It turns out America’s new super soldiers were given power-ups from a serum called the Kaiju Serum.

The serum is effective but doesn’t turn its users into Captain America 2.0. Instead, it’s more unpredictable and volatile than what it’s trying to replicate. Thankfully, Walker manages to take down the new Frankensteined monster as well as Manning – but not before his sister is killed by her former partner. The issue shows when the Super Soldier Serum, even a knockoff version that created Marvel’s version of Godzilla, falls into the wrong hands, it can be extremely dangerous. It may not be the last readers see of this strain of the serum, as it’s possible it could re-emerge in future comics, potentially ushering in a new era of super soldiers. USAgent #5 is in comic book stores now.

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