Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Take Couples Quiz – Talk Tattoos, Their First Date and More!

At one point, Fox warned MGK not to share a NSFW answer — telling him, “We cannot say that on camera.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are showing the world how well they really know each other.

In a video shared to GQ’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, the hot duo participated in the magazine’s “Couples Quiz,” in which they asked each other a series of questions to see who knows the other better. The two — who cover the latest issue of British GQ Style — tackled a wide variety of topics, including their tattoos, their first date, and their vacation to Bora Bora.

And as with almost everything Fox, 35, and Kelly, 31, do, the quiz did not disappoint.

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Fox started things off, getting to ask Kelly questions.

The rocker struggled a bit with the first question of how many tattoos his girlfriend has. Naming them out loud, Kelly initially only guessed eight, but Fox actually has nine. However, the “Bloody Valentine” singer’s attempt to “redeem” himself with the “bonus” question didn’t go so well either.

“What does my back tattoo say?” Fox asked Kelly, who replied, “Butterflies have gilded wings.”

“Close, you’re in the vicinity,” Fox said. “That’s not correct, but do you know what it’s from?” Kelly then guessed the quote was from Oscar Wilde, to which Fox told him it’s actually Shakespeare. As for what the tattoo says, MGK was on the right track with butterflies and was “so close” with his next couple guesses, so Fox ultimately helped him out.

“We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,” she said of what her ink reads. “It’s from ‘King Lear,’ written by Shakespeare.”

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Despite only getting 0.5 points from Fox on the tattoo question, Kelly answered the following several questions correctly, including naming something on Fox’s bucket list, revealing she wants to “be abducted by a UFO.” The rapper went on to successfully guess questions such as the “Jennifer Body” star’s pet peeve (the sound of people chewing) and her “favorite movie.”

“If you don’t know this, I’m going to be very upset at you. What’s my favorite movie now?” Fox said, before beginning to give Kelly a hint. However, he interrupted and stopped her because he knew the answer.

“It’s like an eight-series piece. We’re talking about Harry motherf–king Potter,” Kelly said. He also didn’t hesitate when asked which “Harry Potter” film is her favorite: the third film, “Prisoner of Azkaban.”

The “my ex’s best friend singer” later went on to detail the couple’s “epic” first “out of the house” date, which was a picnic in LA’s Topanga Canyon. “Our first date was epic. I picked you up in an old-school Cadillac and I had thousands of roses bedded on a hill looking over Topanga Canyon,” Kelly recalled. “We ate sushi and we shared a kiss.”

“Our first date, we breathed each other,” he added. “That’s what we did.”

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Another highlight came when Fox asked Kelly to name her “favorite way to decompress after a long day.” The couple both adorably started giggling, with Kelly asking if he could reveal “what the doctor said.” It, apparently, was not appropriate to reveal on camera and Fox jokingly pointed out that it was actually Kelly’s favorite way for her to decompress. The “Big Time Adolescence” star then correctly answered that Fox enjoys things like drinking tea, a foot massage and reading a book after a stressful day.

After Fox asked Kelly to name her characters in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “New Girl” (he missed the former, but guessed the latter correctly), it was then time for Kelly to ask the questions, kicking off the quiz by making sure his “love” knows his real name of Colson Baker. Obviously, Fox knew the answer and then was prompted by Kelly to share the sweet nicknames she has for him, including “Buddha,” “Lamby” and “Cookie.”

And just as she asked at the start of the video, Kelly asked Fox how many tattoos he has. However, as everyone can see, MGK is covered in ink. “That’s literally impossible to calculate,” Fox said. “You’ve tattooed on top of your tattoos, on top of your tattoos.”

A few questions later, the “Till Death” star was asked what MGK’s “perfect day off” would look like, but Kelly said he already knew how Fox was going to answer. “I mean there is no day off is the point,” Fox said, to which Kelly replied to the camera, “She thinks I work all the time.”

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After being prompted by Fox, the “papercuts” singer admitted that the “last time” he actually had a day off was all the way back in January when the pair vacationed in Bora Bora.

“If I did have a day off, what would it look like?” Kelly asked. “What did we do in Bora Bora that day? How long did we walk on that gravel road?” Fox said they walked for “an eternity because [they] ate mushrooms. Those mushrooms were very strong.”

In another funny moment, Kelly and Fox jokingly got into it after MGK said he was “tricked” into asking Fox: “If I was an animal, what animal would I be?” Kelly attempted to stop Fox from answering, but she insisted — and it was hilarious.

“You can literally Google any Machine Gun Kelly photo and then if you also Google any meerkat photo and you split-screen those, you cannot tell the difference,” Fox said, as a shot of MGK and a meerkat appeared on the screen. “No one has ever looked more like an animal.”

The “Rogue” star later showed off her impressive knowledge of astrology, explaining Kelly’s entire birth chart despite him only asking about his sun sign. Ultimately, when the quiz reached its end, Fox and Kelly called it a tie, jokingly agreeing that they both got 99%.

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