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NEW DELHI: In a rejoinder to her remarks a day ago, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti on Thursday said what she said about Sharia law was deliberately distorted. She also accused most of the countries that have upheld Sharia of failing to imbibe the Islamic law’s true values.
In a series of four tweets, Mehbooba sought to clarify her statements. She said, “Not surprised that my statement on Sharia has been deliberately distorted. Can’t point fingers since most countries that claim to uphold Sharia have failed to imbibe its true values. They are only fixated with restricting women through dos and dont’s, dress codes etc.”

On Wednesday, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir had asked the Taliban to rule Afghanistan on the pattern in which Medina was run according to pure Sharia law during the time of the Prophet.
In her rejoinder, she said the real Sharia grants equal rights for men, women and minorities.
Mehbooba said, “The real Medina Charter stipulates equal rights for men, women and minorities. In fact, women have been granted property, social, legal and marriage rights. Non-Muslims have the same rights including religious freedom and equality of law which is the essence of secularism.”

To buttress her point, the PDP chief cited examples of Prophet Muhammad’s wives and said they were emancipated and empowered women.
She said, “Hazrat Khadija Tul Kubra, Prophet SWA first wife was an independent and successful business woman. Hazrat Ayesha Siddique led the Battle of Camel and headed a force of 13000 soldiers. Islamic history is full of such examples of emancipated and empowered women.”

However, she lamented that India has become polarised and, therefore, her statement was distorted.
“But at a time when India has become so polarised, there is increasing Islamophobia and the Afghanistan crisis has only worsened it. Muslims are always expected to prove that they don’t stand for violence. I can see why my statement is being used as click bait to further this impression,” she added.

While speaking at a public rally in Kulgam in South Kashmir on Wednesday, Mehbooba Mufti was quoted as saying that if the Taliban follow real Islamic Sharia in Afghanistan where rights for women, children and elderly people are specified, they can become an example to the world.
“Taliban must not rule Afghanistan like they did in their first term, when they presented an image of being against humanity and human rights. This time, they should follow real Islamic Sharia as mentioned in the Quran which specifies rights for women, children and the elderly,” she was quoted as saying.
She had reportedly said, “If they adopt this model, only then other countries will conduct business with them. But, if they repeat the methods used by them in the nineties, it will be very difficult for Afghanistan and the rest of the world.”

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