Michael Che Is 99.9 Percent Sure He’s Returning to SNL Next Season

SNL co-head writer and Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che shares an update on whether he’s planning to return for season 47 of the show.

Saturday Night Live cast member and co-head writer Michael Che has affirmed that he’s almost certain he will be returning for the next season. SNL is preparing to wrap season 46 this Saturday with an unlikely duo with a lot of combined star power – The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy will be hosting and Lil Nas X will be the musical guest. As yet another season of the globally famous sketch comedy variety show comes to a close, viewers are anxious to know whether their favorite cast members are staying on for another season or whether the finale will mark the end of their time on the show. This includes Che, who has been a co-anchor of Weekend Update with fellow head writer Colin Jost since 2014, with the duo infamous for their often hilarious “Joke Swap” segment.

In an interview on The View, Che alluded to how grueling working a full season of SNL can be but affirmed he’s likely to return in the fall:

 I’m like 99.9 percent sure I’m coming back to SNL. But at the end of a season, I always think I’m going to quit because I [just] went through a whole season.

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Though it’s many people’s dream to become an SNL cast member, there’s no denying how much hard work goes into putting on such a huge show roughly twenty weeks a year, especially when cast members take on other projects like Aidy Bryant’s Shrill. No wonder so many consider leaving at the end of every season – but viewers can be reassured that Che’s return to Saturday Night Live is almost a complete certainty. Many would be disappointed to lose Che as part of SNL’s core writing team, so it’s a relief he’s likely to stay on for season 47.

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Source: The View

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