Michael Raymond-James Explains His Cause [EXCLUSIVE]

Watch an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie American Insurrection featuring Michael Raymond-James, coming to theaters and On Demand October 8.

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from the new action thriller American Insurrection featuring Michael Raymond-James (Big Sky). The film is directed by William Sullivan who also wrote the script alongside Jarret Kerr. American Insurrection is available in theaters, digital, and On Demand on October 8.

American Insurrection is set in a dystopian America where a powerful civilian militia has seized control of the United States. Known as the Volunteers, this militia has started tracking any person who is not white, straight, Christian, or cis-gendered with barcodes with the goal of driving them out of the country. Desperate to escape the escalating violence and oppression, a group of friends try to escape over the heavily guarded border to Canada. After waiting in a safehouse for months without a signal, the group grows more on edge. As the Volunteers close in, the friends will need to do whatever it takes to survive.

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Watch the exclusive clip from American Insurrection below. The clip features Volunteer Gabe (Raymond-James) talking about what drove him to join their cause. He says he became part of the militia because he was lonely after his wife died and wanted to protect his country from “people who don’t belong”. He is confronted by Zabi (Nadine Malouf, High Fidelity), who challenges his beliefs. See the clip here.

American Insurrection stars Micheal Raymond-James as Gabe; Nadine Malouf as Zabi, a Muslim woman who lost her family in a mosque bombing; Nick Westrate (The Tick) as Zabi’s husband David; Brandon Perea (The OA) as Arjay; and Sarah Wharton (Karate Tortoise) and Jarret Kerr as activists and conductors of the new underground railroad trying to save their friends.

See the official poster for American Insurrection below.

American Insurrection movie poster

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American Insurrection is available in theaters, digital, and On Demand on October 8 from Saban Films and Paramount.

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