Micron Ships First 1-Alpha DRAM: Extreme Density Without EUV

Micron said on Tuesday that it had started volume production of DRAM chips using its latest 1α (1-alpha) process technology. Initially the company will use the new node for LPDDR4X and 8Gb DDR4 memory ICs, but the company will eventually use the new fabrication tech to produce all of its DRAMs. 

Unlike its rivals, Micron does not plan to use extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography for at least a few years. However, as the company still needs to increase the density of its memory chips and reduce its per-bit costs, it has to rely on other innovations to shrink its DRAMs. Micron’s 1α node offers a 40% improvement in bit density and a 15% drop in power consumption compared to 1Z. It also offers higher performance potential. Micron had to improve array efficiency design and use new materials, including better conductors, better insulators, and new machinery to deposit, modify or selectively remove those materials. 

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