Microsoft Requires Generation 2 VM Support For Windows 11 In Latest Preview

Microsoft has released another Windows 11 Preview Build for Windows Insiders to test on the beta channel, version 22000.194. This new build features new updates for the Snipping Tool, Calculator and Clock, plus introduces a new system requirement for virtual machines that is necessary to install Windows 11 on Hyper-V clients. If you are updating to the new preview build from Windows 11, this build is known as cumulative update KB5005635.

The new system requirement for virtual machines is known as Generation 2 VM support. This is what Microsoft calls its second generation of virtual hardware for Hyper-V, and it is significantly updated from Generation 1. Generation 2 supports the latest PC hardware standards including UEFI, TPM, and Secure Boot, and new disk formats, all of which gen 1 systems do not support. Bare in mind, this only affects Hyper-V clients and no other hypervisors. All you need to do with other hypervisors is ensure the physical hardware supports the Windows 11 system requirements.

New vs Old Snipping Tool

New Windows 11 Snipping Tool to the left, Old Snipping Tool to the right (Image credit: Future)

The Snipping tool has been completely refreshed from its original incarnation in Windows 7 (which you can still access in Windows 10), and it also has a couple of extra features. The app’s layout is identical to the original version, but the classic interface that originated with Windows 7 is now replaced with Windows 11’s modern UI. Plus, a new toolbar now appears at the top of the screen whenever you create a new snip. Its buttons have the same features as the “Modes” menu in the classic Snipping Tool, including Freeform Snips, Window Snips and Fullscreen Snips.

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