millo air motorless magnetic blender gets power from its innovative Magnetic Air Drive » Gadget Flow

Boasting 450 watts of peak power, it’s incredible how the millo air motorless magnetic blender gets it. Using the company’s revolutionary Magnetic Air Drive (MAD), it has a powerful magnetic field that operates silently. That’s because the spinning magnetic disk inside the blending lid is hermetically sealed, so it makes no more than 65 dBA of noise. Additionally, with German-designed blades, it is strong enough to quickly and easily crush ice, nuts, or even a full-size carrot. Weighing only 3 pounds altogether, millo air consists of the blending lid, cup, drinking lid, charger, magnetic hook, and base—which is only 26 ounces. Totally waterproof with an IP67 rating, it also has a dust-resistant construction that ensures it stays protected on the go.

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