Mission Impossible 7 Set Video Shows a Train Flying Off a Bridge

A new set video for Mission: Impossible 7 shows a train flying off a bridge and crashing at the conclusion of Tom Cruise’s latest daring stunt.

A new set video from Mission: Impossible 7 shows a crazy practical stunt that sends a train flying off a bridge. Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible franchise have established a reputation to deliver increasingly crazy stunts in recent years. While many blockbuster franchises rely on CGI to bring their action to life, Cruise is well known for wanting to do the stunts himself and making them as real as possible.

Cruise’s mission to give Mission: Impossible viewers new, breathtaking stunts has been fruitful so far. He’s dangled from the tallest building in the world, held onto the side of a plane, learned to fly a helicopter, and went skydiving to achieve one of Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s best stunts. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mission: Impossible 7 will feature plenty of other daring pieces of spectacle. There have been teases of a motorcycle sequence and a massive one involving a train, and the latter now looks to be even crazier than expected.

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Production on Mission: Impossible 7 is still going on overseas, and a new set video has surfaced from its Derbyshire filming location. The video was captured and shared on Twitter by Ian Gambles and showed an actual train barreling down the tracks towards a huge ramp overlooking a cliff. The practical train stunt concludes with the train flying off the end of the track and crashing into the cavern below. A helicopter flying overhead presumably was being used to film the stunt director Christopher McQuarrie only had one chance to capture.

The train flying off a bridge certainly isn’t how most would’ve predicted Mission: Impossible 7‘s anticipated train stunt would end. While no one was clearly on board the train for this part of filming, previous teases of the scene have put Ethan Hunt, Kittridge (Henry Czerny), and Hayley Atwell’s new character aboard. It is now clear that all of them will need to exit the locomotive at some point to avoid their deaths. How they do or do not accomplish this should only make Mission: Impossible 7‘s train stunt even more thrilling.

While Paramount and McQuarrie easily could’ve elected to have this part of the train stunt be done with CGI, it is great and rare to see such a big moment done practically. Christopher Nolan has developed a knack to pull off massive stunts practically, even if it meant destroying real airplanes for Tenet and Dunkirk. The results speak for themselves, though, so Mission: Impossible 7‘s train scene should be even more impressive now that fans know it was done practically.

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Source: Ian Gambles

  • Mission: Impossible 7 (2022)Release date: May 27, 2022
  • Mission: Impossible 8 (2023)Release date: Jul 07, 2023

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