Moment Peachy Pods for AirPods Pro have “peach skin” microfiber for a soft touch » Gadget Flow

Keep your AirPods stylish and protected with the Moment Peachy Pods for AirPods Pro. This case has a polycarbonate and “peach skin” microfiber to keep your AirPods safe and cozy. Even better, it has a precision fit. That means the case allows the hinge to work freely while the material stays soft and fuzzy against your hand. Moreover, the embossed peach graphics were co-designed by vlogger Sara Dietschy. Meanwhile, you can use a cord or strap to keep the case nearby thanks to the built-in strap attachment. Moreover, this earbud accessory is compatible with wireless charging, so it integrates seamlessly with your setup. Furthermore, thanks to a soft microfiber lining, this case prevents scratching while your AirPods are inside. Finally, available in both Peach and Black colors, this AirPods Pro accessory matches your style.

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