More 2021 Ford Bronco Accessories Revealed Online

While the 2021 Ford Bronco made its official debut all the way back in July of 2020, the hype surrounding the upcoming 4×4 hasn’t died down in the slightest. In fact, Ford says that over 66 percent of their initial 190,000 reservations holders have opted to purchase the off-road SUV when it finally rolls out. This isn’t all that surprising however when you consider that fans have waited over a quarter-century for the chance to own a new Bronco. Speaking of off-roading, it’s been made clear since day one that the Ford Bronco will arrive with over 200 factory-backed accessories that will help owner’s tailor-fit their 4×4 for any sort of outdoor adventure. Thanks to a new post made on the Bronco6G forum, we have a look at some of these upcoming Bronco accessories, and the price tag associated with them.

The list of accessories comes by way of a Bronco6G forum user, who appears to have acquired some dealer materials related to the off-roader. This isn’t the full list of over 200 accessories that Ford has planned for the new Bronco, but the list does contain what appears to be a third of the total. We won’t break down all of the accessories on the list here, but we will share some particularly interesting highlights with you.

2021 Ford Bronco Accessories by Ford Performance are looking rather sweet for off-roading fans
Screenshot Via Bronco6G.

One of the first 2021 Ford Bronco accessories that caught our attention is a Ford Performance EcoBoost Calibration Kit. The kit appears to include a performance-oriented air filter, as well as an OB2 tool. This will likely be used to up the performance of the Bronco, which is something just about everyone can get behind. While Ford doesn’t specify which EcoBoost engine this tool will be used for, it is quite possible the handheld tuner is capable of remapping both powertrains with pre-installed files. There is no price available at this time, but we’re sure more than a few customers will be willing to shell out for some more horsepower and torque.

Of course most of the accessories for the 2021 Ford Bronco are oriented towards off-roading. The long-rumored tube doors are present on the list, for both the two-door and four-door SUVs. The two-door set is listed for $840, whereas the additional doors will run owners a total of $1,350. There’s also a variety of armor pieces on offering, including additional skid plates, rock rails, and body moldings. Speaking of armor, those larger fender flares that were spotted out on a prototype Bronco also appear to be available. The two-door units carry an MSRP of $679, while the four-door units come in at $729.

2021 Ford Bronco Accessories by Ford Performance are looking rather sweet.
Screenshot Via Bronco6G.

We already knew that Ford and Yakima had teamed up to create a plethora of Bronco accessories, and the list doesn’t disappoint. There’s just about every type of roof rack that an owner could want, including several we’ve seen on Bronco prototypes since the debut. Whether you want a cargo basket, a canoe holder or a roof tent, Yakima has you covered it seems. Of course the 4×4 is also slated to be available with a variety of roof options, including some slick retractable twill, soft mesh, and vinyl soft top offerings.

Should you want to look over this partial list of parts on offer from Ford Performance and their partners, you can click the link provided here. Not all of the pricing data is available at this time, but that should change as we get closer to the SUV’s delayed sales debut. It is also important to remember that Ford dealers won’t be charging installation fees on these parts, which is rather enticing. You can even finance these Bronco accessories alongside your SUV should you so choose, which is pretty awesome. What is the most enticing accessory on the list in your opinion? Let us know down below.

2021 Ford Bronco Accessories by Ford Performance are looking rather sweet for off-roading fans
Screenshot Via Bronco6G.

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