Most youthful nail trends to turn back the clock on ageing hands

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As one of the first parts of the body to show visibly mature skin, prevention has to start early if you want to stop wrinkles and dark spots on your hands, but if these common signs of ageing are already bothering you, there are ways to diminish them with a few simple tricks. While a good skincare routine is an obvious fix to improve hydration and plumpness, beauty experts have noted the importance of taking care of your nails too. They shared the best quick fixes for instantly younger-looking hands.

According to Beverley Fischer, a medical doctor and leading surgeon at The Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery, wrinkles on your hands are “unavoidable” throughout the ageing process.

She said: “Hand skin loses fat and elasticity the older you become, which causes more translucent skin, leading to wrinkles. Compared to the rest of the body, hands are especially vulnerable to wrinkles.

“While anti-ageing hand cream and a well-balanced diet are simple and effective preventative measures you can take to slow the ageing process, laser treatment is also an easy and relatively affordable way to stop hand wrinkles in their tracks and turn back the clock on your ageing hands.”

However, if you’re looking for a quicker fix, the aesthetics expert recommended taking a closer look at your nails – especially if they’re thin and brittle.

She explained that making your nails look good when they are stained and fragile can be tricky, particularly when common culprits like chemical cleaning solutions, soap, the changing weather conditions and “years of use” are impossible to avoid.

Beverley said: “To keep them as healthy as possible, use a moisturising soap, regularly apply oils and cream, and wear gloves when you clean with harsh chemicals.

“If your brittle nails are negatively impacting everyday life, talk with your doctor about implementing Biotin for nails. Biotin is a supplement and vitamin that is commonly used to treat this issue.”

Of course, treating signs of ageing from the root cause is essential for long-term results, but doing something as simple as changing your nail routine can improve the appearance of mature hands.

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The most reliable way to make your nails longer, stronger and healthier is by using a rich cuticle oil several times a day.

Coupled with the regular use of hand cream every time your skin is exposed to water, this skincare duo will provide the perfect base for a fresh manicure.

While it’s not a groundbreaking revelation, taking extra care with your choice of nail colour and products really does work to combat signs of ageing. In fact, according to one study, women who wear nail polish are perceived as younger than their true age.

An expert at TotalBeauty said: “Subjects were asked to guess women’s ages judging by photos of their hands alone; 49 percent of the subjects said women’s hands looked younger when wearing nail polish.

“Keep those regular manicure appointments and keep nails rounded and short (not longer than the edge of your fingertip) for the most youthful look.”

Red, light pink and creamy nude shades are timeless and universally flattering as long as you pick a shade with a complementary or neutral undertone to suit your complexion.

If you’re looking to stay on trend with the popular designs for 2023, Jin Soon Choi, celebrity nail artist and founder of JINsoon predicted more muted, natural-world inspired colours to make a return.

She noted that French manicures with either a “deep curved” or “skinny tip” will continue into 2023, though there has already been a shift towards more earthy tones.

Clay, putty and rich brown are just a few examples that “work well with all skin tones”.

Shorter nails that accentuate the hands rather than make them look overdone are also something to go after, though the rounded almond shape is predicted to be on its way out.

Celebrity nail artist Holly Falcone explained that the trend towards natural, shorter shapes and subtle styles like “patent leather nails” are becoming more popular, as is the more square or squoval shape.

To finish your anti-ageing hand regime, the TotalBeauty experts recommended adding a spot-correcting, broad-spectrum SPF moisturiser like the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream for skin that looks “as youthful as possible”.

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