Moto G5 stops a bullet during an armed robbery saving its owner’s life

Moto G5 stops a bullet during an armed robbery saving its owner's life

According to the Daily Mail, a phone saved the life of a person who was shot during an armed robbery in Brazil. Ironically, the case had a picture of Marvel’s bulletproof character The Incredible Hulk on it and was protecting a Moto G5 handset that stopped the missile. Thanks to the device, the bullet fired by the mugger never penetrated the victim’s skin.
The incident took place last Thursday when the unnamed victim was shot during a robbery attempt. The bullet grazed his hip before the Moto G5 took the impact. Dr. Pedro Carvalho treated the man and said that he was shaken up and complained about pain in his hip. Even though doctors had expected the worst when they heard that a man had been shot, the victim was discharged after being treated for a hip bruise.

As for the man’s Moto G5, it was a goner with a severely shattered screen and internal damage created by the bullet. But the Moto G5 is a budget model and replacing it shouldn’t hurt the man’s wallet at all.

A perfectly positioned smartphone has been the difference between life and death several times before. Going through the PhoneArena archives we found a case back in 2014 when a Samsung Galaxy Mega and its 6.3-inch display got in the way of a bullet meant for its owner. The following year an iPhone took a bullet for its owner. And the HTC EVO 3D is also on the list of handsets that paid the ultimate price for stopping a bullet that otherwise might have ended someone’s life.

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