Moto Razr 2022 and X30 Pro launch back on, here’s the new date

(Pocket-lint) – On August 2nd we were excited to learn more about the upcoming Motorola Razr 2022 and X30 Pro, but the launch event was cancelled at the last minute.

This left us all a bit surprised, especially with no reason stated for the cancellation.

In fact, we’re still not quite sure what happened, though some have speculated that the cancellation was related to tensions between China and Taiwan over US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

Whatever the case may be, the good news is that the event is back on and will likely take place on August 11 2022.

Lenovo Mobile China’s GM, Chen Jin, posted a teaser image on Weibo showing the Razr 2022 with an analogue clock on its outer display.

The clock has the date “Thursday 11” displayed in Chinese and is set to 2 o’clock, which presumably equates to 2 pm CST.

It’s expected that we’ll see both the X30 Pro and the Razr 2022 at this rescheduled event, with the devices going on sale in China immediately after.

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Chinese retailer already has both the Razr 2022 and X30 Pro up on its website, available for reservation, which would seem to support this.

After many months of rumours and speculation, we can’t wait to see what Motorola has in store for us with its next generation of smartphones.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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