MSI Rolls Out AMD AGESA BETA BIOS Update For X570 & B550 Motherboards

MSI has started rolling out the first X570 & B550 motherboard BIOS based on the AMD AGESA BETA Firmware.

MSI Rolls Out AMD AGESA BETA BIOS Firmware To X570 & B550 Motherboards

It’s been a while since we got a new firmware update on the AMD 500-series platform. The last one, the AGESA, and its respective patches were launched back in September and with new Ryzen CPU families coming to the platform real soon, a new BETA BIOS was inbound for launch.

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According to MSI, the major changes that the new AMD AGESA BIOS firmware adds is first of all the update to the new firmware which also updates the SMU firmware for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs including Vermeer (Ryzen 5000), Cezanne (Ryzen 5000G), Picasso (Ryzen 3000G) and Raven Ridge (Ryzen 2000G). Following is the latest screenshot of the AGESA BIOS firmware within Ryzen SMU checker (Image Credits: MSI Forums):

Additionally, it also carries the previous TPM enablement by default on the listed motherboards which means that users will be able to get Windows 11 installed and running on their systems through the fTPM functionality on MSI X570 & B550 motherboards.

What’s new:
1. Update to COMBOAM4v2PI
2. SMU firmware updated for AMD Vermeer, Cezanne, Picasso, Raven Ridge
3. TPM enabled by default

For those of you who are rocking the MSI 500 series motherboards, you can grab the latest BIOS (AMD AGESA for your motherboards from the following links (Note: Following links are provided by MSI itself and link back to their Google Drive repository):

MSI AGESA BETA BIOS Firmware For X570 & B550 Motherboards:

The remaining 500 series motherboards will also receive the AMD AGESA BETA BIOS firmware update in the following weeks to get those PC users ready for the next-gen Ryzen processor launch. It is definitely advised to update your motherboard if you are planning to run the upcoming Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. We will update this post once more BIOS rolls out begin.

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