My mom-in-law announced my son’s name without my permission & called me ‘unreasonable’ – but that’s not the worst part

RELATIONSHIPS between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law are stereotypically tense, and one woman revealed just how unpleasant her relationship with her husband’s mother got after giving birth to her second kid.

The mom claimed her mother-in-law announced her son’s name without her permission and then called her ‘unreasonable’ for being angry – and that’s just the beginning of it.

The mother of two, named Cassandra Holley, recalled her “traumatic” March 2020 birthing story and the following drama via several posts to her TikTok page.

Her upsetting experience started way before her mother-in-law got involved, though, as she had complicated labor.

She said she gave birth to a nine-pound baby boy after her cervix was stuck at eight centimeters dilated for five hours, prompting a team of 10 doctors to manually push her cervix wider in an “emergency situation.”

Her son had a hard time making his way out of her birth canal and he even had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice.

“He was so bruised and so swollen, he didn’t cry when he came out,” Cassandra recalled in the first TikTok video of six.

“It was really scary.”

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Cassandra was so upset following labor that the doctors had to give her medication to help her relax and fall asleep – which is when a new set of problems unfolded.

While she was sleeping, Cassandra’s husband called his mom to let her know about the good news.

“He told her the name, the weight, you know, that we’re not sending pictures yet because he’s purple, that I’m not doing well at this point, and basically just to lay low, keep it hush-hush,” she explained in a second video.

That’s when her mother-in-law immediately took to Facebook to share the news. 

Cassandra’s family saw the post before they were informed personally of the newborn, but they decided to withhold that information from her.

“I can forgive them because they didn’t want me to be mad at them and they didn’t want things to blow up,” she said.

Well, things certainly did blow up – just weeks later when the new mom’s best friend informed her that her own mother-in-law somehow knew about the baby news before they were even released from the hospital.

“That’s when I found out that her mother-in-law and my mother-in-law know each other and they frequented the same church for a minor period of time, so of course they were friends on Facebook,” Cassandra explained.

Cassandra said she didn’t originally see the post herself because she is not friends with her mother-in-law on Facebook.

“I was devastated and screaming and crying and just so heartbroken over the fact,” she said, adding that she and her husband kept the name secret throughout her pregnancy.

“It was something super special to me and my husband and we really, really wanted to tell the world what we thought was the most beautiful name for our boy ourselves.” 

Cassandra then explained that she sent an angry text to her mother-in-law warning her to give her some space because when she confronts people in person, things “get nasty.”

When the mother-in-law – who Cassandra and her family live with – decided to ignore the personal space request and begged to talk, Cassandra exploded in anger.

She let her mother-in-law know that she was done dealing with her gossiping ways and that she “repeatedly crosses boundaries and that she has no respect” for the family of four.

While the grandmother expressed regret, Cassandra later found out that she was talking to friends about the situation at church.

“Of course she played the victim this entire time and told everybody that I was so ‘unreasonable’ and that she’s actually the victim here,” she recalled.

The mother of two admitted that she didn’t speak a single word to her mother-in-law for three months and only let her watch her kids after almost a whole year had passed.

While she appreciates the help every once in a while, Cassandra said it won’t make up for what her husband’s mom did.

“I’m moving on, but I still haven’t forgiven her about it,” she noted.

Cassandra is unfortunately not the only daughter-in-law working on trust issues with her mother-in-law.

One mom admitted in an anonymous post to Reddit that she refuses to let her mother-in-law watch her child because she claims breast milk is “dirty” and won’t use the milk she provides.

Another mom banned her mother-in-law’s friend from watching her kids after she tried convincing them she was their real mother.

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