NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Gaming Controller has a wireless mode for demanding gamers » Gadget Flow

Take your eSports gaming to the next level with the NACON Revolution Unlimited Pro Gaming Controller. It lets you switch between wired and wireless modes thanks to its integrated Bluetooth receiver. This gives competitive gamers the flexibility they need. What’s more, this gaming gadget‘s joysticks are easy to adjust with the interchangeable concave or convex heads and shafts of different diameters. You can also add additional weights to this Pro Controller’s handles. Moreover, there’s also a headset jack for chat and audio features in both modes. And controls under the device make it easy to adjust the headset volume, game mode, and more. Furthermore, you can switch game modes—PS4, PS4-Advanced, and PC-Advanced—depending on how you want to play. Best of all, with button mapping, dead zone sensitivity for each trigger, stick response curve, and more, there’s no end to the customization possibilities.

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