Nathaniel Hackett to adjust in-game information received via headset

Nathaniel Hackett may have cost his team a win in Week 1 with his controversial 4th down call, and all indications are that the Denver Broncos coach is holding himself accountable.

The Broncos lost 17-16 to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night after Brandon McManus missed a 64-yard field goal with just under 20 seconds remaining in the game. Denver had a 4th-and-5 situation with about a minute left. Hackett chose to let the clock wind down and attempt an incredibly difficult field goal rather than letting Russell Wilson try to convert on 4th down. The first-year head coach admitted this week that he made the wrong call.

Hackett has expressed the same to the Broncos internally. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Hackett has told the team he will re-evaluate the information he receives via his headset during key points in the game. That information includes “a mix of analytics-based information, advice and time management data,” according to Rapoport.

McManus has never made a field goal longer than 61 yards. It is unclear what information Hackett used that led him to decide McManus should attempt a 64-yarder rather than going for it on 4th-and-5. If he based the decision on analytics and data, he should probably adjust by not being afraid to listen to his gut and use common sense in similar situations going forward.

Players and coaches should appreciate Hackett acknowledging his miscue and immediately finding ways to address it.

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