Naturopath reveals signs you could be suffering from ‘adrenal fatigue’

Are you suffering from ‘adrenal fatigue’? Naturopath reveals the signs to watch out for – and the simple lifestyle tweaks to banish it fast

  • Naturopath shares the signs that suggests you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue 
  • Georga Holt, from Melbourne, said long-term stress causes adrenal fatigue
  • When adrenal glands are ‘burnt out’, it can lead to hormonal imbalances
  • She said there are simple diet and lifestyle tweaks that will help body recover

A naturopath has revealed the tell-tale signs to look out for that suggests you’re suffering from ‘adrenal fatigue’ – including sleep disturbances, chronic tiredness, body aches and sugar or salt cravings.

Georga Holt, from Melbourne, said adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands are overworked through long-term stress and exhaustion, which could lead to hormonal imbalances.

The adrenal glands, which sits on top of each kidney, are responsible for producing essential hormones including cortisol (stress), adrenaline and sex hormones.

However, when our bodies are faced with long term stress, our adrenals are ‘burning out’ because it’s constantly releasing more cortisol to keep up with the body’s needs.

A naturopath has revealed the signs to look out for that suggests you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue – including sleep disturbances, body aches and sugar or salt cravings

Revealed: The signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue

Waking unrefreshed

Lack of energy

Body exhaustion

Difficulty relaxing

Issues with sleep

Lack of concentration and memory

Sugar or salt cravings

Low mood



Weight gain

Hormonal imbalance

Aches and pains

‘Reduced production of these hormones (particularly cortisol) can therefore interfere negatively with the body’s ability to cope with stress, causing exhaustion and making normal daily tasks impossible,’ she told The Beauty Chef blog.

‘It is usually something that an individual has been experiencing for a longer period of time and presents as not only mental exhaustion but also physical exhaustion.’

She said common symptoms of adrenal fatigue can include waking up feeling unrefreshed, lack of energy, body exhaustion, difficulty relaxing, lack of concentration and memory, low mood, anxiety, irritability and weight gain.

Georga said there are simple diet and lifestyle tweaks that will help your body recover – including eating protein, fats and carbohydrates in every meal.

She explained how eating a well-balanced meal with macronutrients will ensure you stay energised for longer and stabilise your blood sugar level.

– Eat a well-balanced meal with macronutrients

– Ensure your body stays hydrated with water throughout the day

– Cut down on caffeine consumption

– Take supplements like magnesium and B vitamins

– Minimise screen time at least an hour before bed 

– Start journaling 

– Write lists such as goals or to-do lists 

– Get seven to eight hour sleep

Ensure your body stays hydrated with water and cutting caffeine consumption are some other simple ways to boost your adrenal health.

Magnesium and B vitamins are great supplements for regulating cortisol production and managing stress, she explained.

Georga said getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night will help give the adrenals time to repair and regenerate.

‘Sleep also regulates our cortisol levels which is important for those who are experiencing a higher amount of daytime stress,’ she explained.

Improve your rest by minimising screen time at least an hour before bed.

‘When we allow ourselves screen time right up until bed, it has the ability to increase cortisol levels in the body leaving us wired and tired but unable to get to sleep,’ she said.

Georga suggested ‘waking as the sun rises and going to sleep as the sun sets’.

‘It’s an important tool for regulating our circadian rhythm which in turn will help regulate our cortisol levels,’ she said.

She also shared some strategies for stress management – including journaling, writing lists whether it’s goals or a to-do schedule, seek professional help and always express how you’re feeling with your family, friends and colleagues.

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