Neabot NoMo N1 hands-free robot vacuum automatically collects and disposes of dirt for you » Gadget Flow

Keep your floors clean without getting dirty yourself with the Neabot NoMo N1 hands-free robot vacuum. This smart home gadget has automatic dirt collecting and disposal. The dust bag holds 2–4 weeks’ worth of dirt, so you can forget about vacuuming for up to a month. It also offers an effective clean, thanks to its strong 2700 Pa suction and multi-level cleaning modes. Even cooler, this hands-free robot vacuum automatically gives itself a power boost when it recognizes carpet. Moreover, one charge provides 200 square meters of cleaning with the 5200 mAh battery. Furthermore, intelligent laser mapping and navigation let this gadget plan the best cleaning route around your home. And for ease of use, simply command the vacuum via your voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. Finally, the spot clean feature directs the vacuum to any specific area you want it to clean.

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