Need a GeForce RTX 3000 GPU? GameStop Can Hook You Up

As reported by PCMag, GameStop has undertaken a new business venture. The renowned video game retailer has started selling computer hardware on its online store, including Nvidia’s elusive GeForce RTX 3000 (Ampere) offerings that are among the best graphics cards that money can buy — or rather cannot buy.

When a company has spent a lifetime doing the same thing, it’s difficult for it to leave its comfort zone. In fact, many companies end up going out of business if they don’t get with the times. It’s commendable that GameStop is taking a crack at being a computer hardware retailer, especially in these difficult times. With this new endeavor, GameStop will be joining the ranks of seasoned veterans, such as Newegg, Micro Center, Best Buy and Amazon – just to name some.

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