New Apple Music ad explains what Spatial Audio sounds like

New Apple Music ad explains what Spatial Audio sounds like

Nearly a week ago Apple started activating the server-side update that started pushing out two new features for Apple Music: Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio. The former delivers sound that is not degraded by the streaming process used by Apple Music although it does require additional storage space to keep such songs on your phone. The quality of Lossless Audio compares to what you might hear from a CD.
Spatial Audio allows audio to sound as though it were coming from a spot around you that you can pinpoint. Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats, said in a press release last month that “Listening to a song in Dolby Atmos is like magic. The music comes from all around you and sounds incredible.”
But just in case you would like to see some kind of visual representation of Spatial Audio (thus using your eyes to understand why music sounds better to your ears), Apple Music released its latest television commercial aptly titled “Introducing Spatial Audio on Apple Music | Beyond Stereo.”

The ad shows an iPhone user and Apple Music subscriber choosing to listen to Mystery Lady by Masego and Don Toliver. The woman listening to the song might be somewhere with her iPhone in her hand, but thanks to Spatial Audio, she feels as though she has been transported to a large room surrounded by multiple versions of the artist as he sings the song. The point being that with Spatial Audio, the music sounds like it is coming from right in front of you, from behind you, from above you, and from both sides.

The all important tag line reads, “Hear sound all around in Dolby Atmos.” This clip should end up as a thirty second television commercial and you’ll probably see it while watching some of your favorite shows and sporting events (including MLB, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the NBA playoffs).

Spatial Audio is free to Apple Music users and you’ll need to enable it by going to Settings > Music > Dolby Atmos. There are three options to choose from: “automatic (default setting), ” always on,” and “off.”

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