New block scale Intel ASIC technology revealed offering 580 GH/s blockchain hash rates

Compute requirement for blockchains operating proof-of-work consensus tools is rising rapidly due to resiliency and capability to scale without surrendering decentralization. This increasing pool of computing power demands an immense quantity of energy, necessitating new technologies that can deliver the required capacity in a more energy-efficient way while also being stable enough to mitigate long-term e-waste circumstances.

For proof-of-work algorithms consistent with ASIC-based systems and SHA-256 hashing, the Intel Blockscale ASIC will provide the power efficiency and computing capacity required to reach scalability and sustainability. Intel will be capable of offering it in magnitude without compromising the stockpile of new CPUs or GPUs.

Intel is committed to advancing blockchain technology in a responsible way, and we’re proud to collaborate with and provide solutions to companies that are creating a more sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem globally. The Intel Blockscale ASIC is going to play a major role in helping bitcoin mining companies achieve both sustainability and hash rate scaling objectives in the years ahead.

— Jose Rios, general manager of Blockchain and Business Solutions in the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, Intel

Some key features for the Intel Blockscale ASIC include:

  • Dedicated Secure Hash Algorithm-256 (SHA-256) ASIC processor.
  • Up to 580 GH/s hash rate operating and 26 J/TH power efficiency.
  • On-chip temperature- and voltage-sensing capabilities.
  • Support for up to 256 integrated circuits per chain.
  • Reference hardware design and software stack to jump-start customers’ system development.

Customers of Intel Blockscale ASIC will begin to receive shipments starting in the third quarter of 2022. Beginning next year and into the future, Intel will be operating with and providing future customers who convey the company’s sustainability ideals.

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