“New” Cunningham Corvette Debuts Thanks To Lingenfelter Performance

It’s here. And, while a little different visually than what was teased before, the “new” Cunningham Corvette has a lot more power than the 1960 Corvette Le Mans winner, and debuts just in time for race weekend, where the C8.R will do battle for 24 hours in the most renown endurance race on the planet. Thanks to Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, the deed is done.

In 1960, Briggs Cunningham brought three white Corvettes trimmed in blue with blue racing stripes to Le Mans. Out of the three Corvettes, two of them crashed out of the race and one ended up winning its class. The #3 C1 Corvette was raced by John Finch and Bob Grossman.

60th Anniversary Cunningham C8 Corvette Upgrades

The C8 Corvette gets a set of HRE wheels that have been designed to replicate the wheels that were raced on the #3 C1 race car. The wheels are different and retro-looking setting off the whole vibe for the Corvette. You’ll also find a blue-hung wing in the rear and an intake scoop that can be seen on top of the Vette running to the engine bay. Cunningham badges are added to the fenders, the #3 is added to the side of the wing, blue stripes run down the center, and blue trim throughout the inside and outside of the Corvette gives it the distinctive look that matches the colors of the winning 1960s Le Mans Corvette.

Cunningham 60th Anniversary Corvette
Image via Lingenfelter Performance.

Performance Upgrades to The C8 Corvette

Like with any Corvette, performance is where it’s at. This Lingenfelter – Cunningham C8 Corvette has a 95-millimeter throttle body bolted onto a carbon fiber intake manifold. With a set of Corsa headers and exhaust, the C8 throwback Corvette uses LPE (Lingenfelter Performance Engineering) to squeeze 600 horsepower out of the LT2 V8 engine. We’re not sure if an ECU tune was involved, but you bet we’ll find out.

Of course, handling all that horsepower comes some added suspension and braking upgrades. An aftermarket lowing kit was added and a set of Alcon/RB brakes take care of the extra 105 horsepower the Corvette pumps out.

C8 Cunningham Corvette Interior
Image via Cunningham

60th Anniversary C8 Corvette Price

So what does it take to own a 600 horsepower C8 Corvette? Well, first you need to know there will only be 60 units produced, making it a limited edition Corvette. And when a Corvette is a limited edition, it probably won’t surprise you much to hear that the Corvette will probably cost more than its retail price of $159,995, with a down payment of $5,000 to reserve one. Certainly not cheap, but certainly collectable just the same.

Cunningham Lingenfelter Performance Corvette
Image via Cunningham

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