New Ford Ranger Raptor Pricing For UK Customers

The order books have just opened for the Ford Ranger Raptor, and it will be the first version of the new-generation pickup truck to go on sale in the United Kingdom. According to AutoExpress, the standard model Ford Ranger won’t be joining the configurator for another couple of months. However, the Ranger Raptor is priced at £57,340 ($72,277). Pricing for American vehicles in the British Isles tend to be inflated relative to what they are sold for in the United States, a right-hand drive C8 Corvette in the UK starts at £81,700, or over $102,000 USD. So this isn’t an indicator of how much customers will pay for the P703N Ford Ranger Raptor when it hits the US market in the next year or so.

The price tag for the Ford Ranger Raptor can be increased with the help of an assortment of options which includes the Raptor Splash Decal Pack for £600 ($756), a Raptor Pack with a cab roll-over bar, and a powered roll top for £1,860 ($2,344), and New Code Orange paint adding £720 ($907) to the price. The first deliveries of the new Ford Ranger Raptor will begin at the end of summer. Meanwhile, the UK isn’t expected to receive regular Rangers until the first quarter of 2023.

Ford Ranger Raptor: Additional Details

The Ranger Raptor will be sold with a 3.0L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine that produces 284 horsepower, which is expected to be less than what customers in North America will get. However, the power is a 74 pony gain over the outgoing four-cylinder diesel-powered model. The largest of the “Nano” EcoBoost V6 engines is also found in the Ford Bronco Raptor, which will be built alongside the Ranger Raptor at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

The 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine found in the Ford Ranger Raptor also features an anti-lag system that is similar to what was initially seen in the Ford GT, which boosts throttle response by keeping the turbos spinning for three seconds when the driver lifts off. Additionally, customers will be able to adjust the noise level of their exhaust with four available options available, including a quiet mode to make neighbors happy. Meanwhile, a Baja setting adds more volume and is described as sounding like a straight-through exhaust system.

The Ford Ranger Raptor also has reinforced components and under-body protection throughout to boost the Raptor’s off-road performance beyond the standard Ranger. In addition, beefier aluminum control arms and all-new high-performance Fox dampers ensure the Ranger Raptor is ready to tackle some extreme challenges.

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