New Jersey Tourist Sinks Ford Bronco During Bar Harbor High Tide

Sandbars. They’ll get you. If you’re one of those fellows that partakes in a scenic tailgate during low tide, mind your surroundings. Or else you may suffer the same fate as a certain Bronco owner who accidentally drowned his new Ford Bronco in Bar Harbor, Maine two weekends ago. This is the crazy story on how the salt-water soaked SUV was eventually extracted.

Lee Foss of Island Towing is no stranger to getting downed vehicles on the beach back to the mainland. After all, his company had a special RAM pickup made just for the job. 5 pm the night before Easter, Foss received what was expected to be a routine call. When he showed up he found the stranded vehicle was a Ford Bronco that was further from shore than expected and had succumbed to the Atlantic oceans high tide during a full moon. Adding to the surprise were the fact the parking brake and rear locking differential were engaged leaving the wheels stuck in position, and buried in sand. Foss told Carscoops in an interview that pulling the Bronco out of the sandbar was like pulling a boulder onto shore. It ultimately took a flatbed tow truck, two small boats, and airbags to dislodge and retrieve the Bronco on (Catholic) Easter Sunday.

All said and done, the Bronco owner wasn’t a local, but an out-of-towner from New Jersey, who remains unnamed. It was alleged that the owner was doing doughnuts in the sand and didn’t take into consideration the warning signs of dangerous high tides.

While the Bronco is one Ford’s most off-road capable vehicles the company has ever built, it will still get stuck. Suppose it would have been easier to escape with a 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades, which as the ability to ford through over 3-feet of water, and also comes with a factory winch that may have even proven useful.

Lee Foss Island Towing Truck

2022 Ford Bronco Everglades Off Road SUV Warn ZEON Winch Snorkel Desert Sand Max Water Fording
Image via Ford Motor Company

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