New Manga Truth Weavers Re-Tells Darth Vader’s Tale in a Magical World

In the manga Truth Weavers, the young mage Zechs is consumed by immense anger and fear much like Anakin Skywalker was before becoming Darth Vader.

A mage named Leon in the manga Truth Weavers is forced to instruct a powerful young orphan boy named Zechs whose struggles are reminiscent of what ultimately paved Anakin Skywalker’s path towards becoming Darth Vader. Zechs not only has a teacher who doesn’t want him as a student unlike Anakin did in Obi-Wan Kenobi, but the young mage faces other obstacles that the Jedi nor Anakin dealt with.

In Star Wars, Anakin never really stood a chance of avoiding his eventual embrace of the dark side. The fear he possessed for his mother’s safety along with his young age only served to act against his Jedi journey as Yoda warned. Anakin’s innate power and undeniable potential only worried the Jedi Master even more. But Obi-Wan’s persistence and evocation of the late Qui-Gon Jinn’s name finally compelled Yoda to relinquish his stance, allowing Obi-Wan to train Anakin. However, all of these contributing factors later culminated in Anakin becoming overwhelmed by more fear and anger that eventually led him to succumb to Palpatine’s will.

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Zechs comes to Leon in worse shape in Truth Weavers than Anakin did in Star Wars. Zechs is overcome with a profound, burning rage that causes him to lash out at those around him. He had originally been taken in by the elite members of the Black Iron Fortress, but his terrifying displays of violence soon put his own life in jeopardy, especially if he continued. Fearing for the boy’s safety, a former disciple of Leon brings Zechs to his teacher’s doorstep who, ironically, is living in a similar manner as Obi-Wan later did as a hermit after failing Darth Vader.

Leon reluctantly accepted Zechs and quickly comes to fear for his own life and, more importantly, for those in the nearby village. Things get so bad that Leon actually entertains the thought of killing the boy just to avoid the likelihood of more bloodshed. But more troubling is the current climate in which mages are forced to endure. Unless they are employed by a guild after proving they have control over their powers, mages are an oppressed people who are regarded as filthy. Leon himself is a failed mage due to his inherent weakness, though, ironically, it is his lack of strength that makes him the most capable teacher in the land and not seen as a threat to society. But the fact that he’s harboring such a violent young mage puts his life at risk, for every time the boy lashes out against the village folk, their anger falls on him.

Conversely, the Jedi Order is a respected establishment during Anakin Skywalker’s early life and the powers they wield are awed and revered by all. Although Yoda was unsure about Anakin, he nor anyone else disrespected him on account of his abilities or upbringing. Surprisingly, Anakin never seemed to display any ill will towards his master who enslaved him and his mother, though, he would later massacre the Sand People after they captured his mother. Zechs, however, is treated with contempt by the villagers immediately and holds a deep hatred for those who mistreated him and his own family when they were alive. This, along with Zechs’ many other insecurities in the manga Truth Weavers, only exacerbates the burning anger within him that even rivals Darth Vader‘s immensely deep and disturbing feelings. That boy doesn’t stand a chance, does he?

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