New UI for Nest Hub apps leaks online

(Pocket-lint) – It seems that Google Nest Hub may be getting its own app launcher and a more hands-on user interface. 

Traditionally these smart displays are designed to be used with voice commands more than anything else, but if a recent leak is any indication things might be set to change. 

A post on Reddit appears to show a Google Nest Hub Max that’s been updated with an app drawer. This seemingly transforms the smart display to have more of a traditional Android experience. The interface then allows for various different gesture-based controls. A short swipe will reveal various suggestions, while a full swipe will show a full layout of apps. 

Of course, these aren’t actually apps as the Nest platform doesn’t use apps but “actions”. Tapping the associated icons will launch the action instead. Those are the same actions that can normally be started with a voice command but now can be launched with a tap as well. 

It appears that this user interface change is still in the early stages and isn’t wonderfully polished at the moment but could indicate a change in the near future. 

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