Next-Gen Ford Ranger Launch Is Set Back A Month

It wasn’t too long ago that we were informed that production for the Next-Generation Ford Ranger had begun. It would only be a matter of time before the exciting new trucks would make their way to Australia and other customers, with the exception of North America. But it seems that while production has begun, it didn’t take long for COVID and the semi-conductor shortage to cause delays for the midsized truck.

Next-Gen Ford Ranger Delay: Details

Ford is now advising that the Ranger will arrive in July, with the Ranger Raptor following close behind in August. Initially, the Ranger was slated for a launch in June, while the Ranger Raptor was expected to arrive in July, while the new Everest SUV would follow in August. Luckily, the Ford Everest is still likely to come to Australia in August.

Ford Ranger Production Plant Send Off Celebration

The Ford Thailand Manufacturing plant employees recently held a send-off ceremony for the first production shipment of the next-generation Ranger. However, some of the vehicles featured in the photographs are still making their way to Australia. According to CarExpert, a dealer bulletin leaked from late April revealed that Covid lockdowns in China have caused dealers to have fewer examples to sell than initially expected. The Chinese Covid lockdown has affected 91 suppliers and 393 unique parts used on the Ranger.

Since the lockdowns have caused a loss from Q2 production volume, a portion of the April dealer allocation for July production will need to be used to build existing dealer orders from earlier allocations, which decreases the volume available to allocate to dealers. The story’s moral is that it’s just a big mess right now, and Ford is working on getting things resolved.

Still, an extra month’s delay is nothing compared to waiting an entire year for the next-generation Ford Ranger to arrive, which is what North American buyers have to do.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak P703 P703N Next-Gen Next-Generation 2023 2024
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