NFL coaches unaware of rule on double punt play?

On Thursday night, Seattle Seahawks punter Michael Dickson made a heads-up play when his third quarter punt attempt was initially blocked.

Dickson quickly scrambled to the ball, snatched it up with one hand and unloaded a second attempt — this one going 68 yards before being downed at the Los Angeles 11.

The double punt was permitted under NFL rules because the ball did not travel beyond the line of scrimmage. That rule applies to both clean and blocked kicks.

The problem? Although league officials were aware of the rule, it would appear that many coaches and special teams coordinators were not, reports Pro Football Talk.

As one source with knowledge of the dynamics explains it to PFT, the league’s officiating department has fielded plenty of calls from special-teams coordinator who clearly weren’t aware of the rule, who now are, and who are brainstorming the other possible applications of it.

How highly-paid coaches and coordinators didn’t know this rule should sound some alarm bells. It’s their job to understand the on-field and off-field rules and the fact that so many did not is concerning.

However, now that they are aware, keep an eye out for some potential trick plays involving the double punt on special teams.

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