Nicolas Cage Says He’s Never Going To Retire

Nicolas Cage, who recently starred in Pig and has appeared in over 115 films in his career, says he is never going to retire from show business.

Nicolas Cage says he’s never going to retire from acting. One of the most recognized actors of his time, Cage’s formidable career has spanned three decades with roles in iconic films, including Adaptation, National Treasure, Face/Off, and Leaving Las Vegas – the film that snagged him an Oscar win.

Noted for his eccentric personality, Cage has developed a reputation for his extreme method acting. Occasions of Cage plunging into experiences to relate to his onscreen characters have included adopting a steak-only diet for months, removing teeth without anesthesia, and snorting saccharin to embrace the mindset of a drug addict. The Con Air star’s quirky style of perfecting his craft has also translated to his personal life. Recently, Cage’s compelling performance in the thriller drama, Pig, has been hailed as one of the actor’s best of his career and seems to have broken his bad movie streak. Now, Cage reveals how long he plans on staying in show business.

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Speaking with EW, Cage reveals that he never plans to retire. Promoting his new film, Prisoners of the Ghostland, Cage declared that he’s healthier and more positive when he’s working on a role and that he plans on being in the industry for the rest of his life. Citing that his list of credits is up to 117 films, Cage said he never thought of himself as working too much. However, Cage admitted he would like to take some time off soon so he can recharge. Read what Cage said when retirement was mentioned, below:

No, no, no. No, no. That can’t happen. To do what I do in cinema has been like a guardian angel for me, and I need it. I’m healthier when I’m working, I need a positive place to express my life experience, and filmmaking has given me that. So I’m never going to retire. Where are we now, 117 movies? What’s funny is, my argument with people who go, ‘You work too much,’ was ‘I like working, and it’s healthy, I’m happy when I’m working, and by the way, guys like Cagney and Bogart, they were doing hundreds of movies.’ And then I went, ‘I’d better check that,’ and I went, ‘Oops…’

Nicolas Cage in Pig Trailer

Indeed, Cage and his career show no sign of slowing down. Slated to star in his first Western film, The Old Way, Cage continues to scope out roles in independent films, after admitting that he fears the Hollywood scene. Of course, Cage will soon unveil a new range of creative freedom with the premise of his upcoming meta-drama film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which stars Cage as himself. Considered a legend in the industry, Cage has certainly made a string of films that have flopped, but the actor is a staple in the entertainment world and has a long career ahead of him.

Cage’s career continued to have highs and lows, but there is no denying the actor is constantly looking for his next mark. No doubt, the actor continuously surprises his audience and appears to have a surplus of real-life experiences to incorporate into his characters. While it remains to be seen how many films Nicolas Cage will stock on his roster, it would be fitting for him to be honored in the future as the actor who never retired.

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