Nightwing Movie Director Reveals Batman’s Role In DC Movie

In a new interview, DCEU Nightwing director Chris McKay discusses Batman’s influence and potential role in the still-in-development DC movie.

The director of DC’s Nightwing spoke recently about the role Batman will play in the movie. Despite many rumors that the film might not be happening, it appears that a lot of thought it still going into how a Nightwing movie would work in relation to the rest of the Bat-family. For fans, it just would not feel like a Nightwing story without at least some reference or mention of his extended network of allies.

Nightwing is the alter-ego of Dick Grayson, the first Robin that Batman took under his wing. Though the name has been used by other heroes in DC canon, for most fans the name “Nightwing” will always refer to the persona Grayson took on after leaving the role of Robin and striking out on his own. He was featured in his own comic-series from 1995-2009, showcasing his adventures in Gotham’s neighboring city of Bludhaven alongside other Bat-family allies such as Barbara Gordon’s Oracle.

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In a new interview with The Bear CaveNightwing director Chris McKay reveals Batman’s role in the proposed DC movie. Aside from a cameo in the movie, McKay spoke a lot about how the film would be a kind of “character study” of Grayson as a guy who grew up with a “bad dad” (a.k.a. Batman) which made him want to leave that world, and how ultimately he would be forced to go back. When talking specifically about Batman being present in the film, he said the following:

“It was like you were picking up a Nightwing comic. You’re not guaranteed Batman was going to show up, but he could show up and other people could show up, but again you’re dealing with Nightwing and that’s what I like about it. I like the idea of we don’t necessarily connect to certain things, we can just have it be a story that takes place in Blüdhaven or with Dick Grayson and his world. How he became Nightwing and why be became Nightwing there was a lot of stuff I liked about the approach.”

Nightwing and Batman walking.

The idea for a Nightwing movie first came around in early 2017, with Warner Bros. working with McKay and screenwriter Bill Dubuque to work on developing the idea. A year later McKay said the script was close to complete, but not a lot has happened since. This most recent interview with the director confirms that Warner Bros. pushed the project back a bit in favor of other films, but said that the movie was not dead. So as of now Nightwing does appear to still be in development.

Batman showing up in Nightwing would be a tricky proposition nowadays, as there is a lot of uncertainty about who the official “Batman” of the DCEU would be after the upcoming The Flash movie. Would McKay be bringing on Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson, or even Michael Keaton to be Grayson’s former mentor? Not that it matters all that much in the end as it would be about Grayson primarily. But with fans enjoying the DCEU crossovers whenever they can happen, it is something McKay and company would have to work out with Warner Bros. ahead of time.

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SOURCE: The Bear Cave

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