Nimble APOLLO Series wireless pads provide up to 30 watts of power and charge 2 devices » Gadget Flow

Crafted with recycled silicone and alloy, the Nimble APOLLO Series wireless pads are an eco-friendly purchase to use in your home or in-office workplace. With 2 products available—APOLLO Wireless Pad and APOLLO Duo Wireless Pad—you have a choice to suit your space. In particular, the APOLLO Wireless Pad offers up to 15 watts of power. Your purchase also includes a 2-meter cable, and the charger is compatible with phone cases up to 3 mm. Alternatively, the APOLLO Duo Wireless Pad powers up to 2 devices simultaneously. In total, it offers up to 30 watts of power and includes an easy magnetic alignment with iPhone 12 Series. Overall, both chargers are compatible with iPhones, AirPods 2nd Gen, AirPods Pro, and Android devices. They also make powering your gadgets more convenient.

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