Ninja Horror Survival mobile game platform has 2 modes

Defeat monsters to prove your worth when you play Horror Ninja Survival. This cartoon graphic game sets you against the unreal and time.

Looking for a cool new mobile game to play? Check out the Horror Ninja Survival mobile game platform. This exciting mobile game has you killing off spawned enemies in a designated amount of time. Plus, it even has an endless mode with an online leaderboard.

If you like scary movies, you’re going to love Horror Ninja Survival. In this mobile game platform, your character, or ninja, kills off creepy goblin-like ninjas in different levels like Dungeon, Hell, Caves, and Swamp. Each level is designed in a retro cartoon style. Are you intrigued? Let’s find out more.

Horror Ninja Survival mobile game platform
Horror Ninja Survival on a smartphone

Get more ways to attack

The main feature of Horror Ninja Survival is its different mechanics. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, this game provides more ways to kill enemy characters and gives you different strategies depending on your level. The excitement that creates, along with the timer, really ups the thrill.

Explore different worlds and levels

You get to explore 5 different worlds and 9 normal levels in this mobile game platform. You also get a boss level and an endless level for a total of 55 levels. So there’s a lot to discover and play with. In fact, with so many environments, this mobile gaming platform keeps you occupied for quite some time.

What’s more, each level provides an immersive landscape. So the Dungeon level features chains and runes while the Caves level features enormous mushrooms and totems. These elements improve the cartoon style and add an enjoyable layer to the game.

This exciting mobile game platform has you fighting against goblin ninjas, and time
Horror Ninja Survival and a player

See the gameplay strategies

As your level of expertise grows, you unlock different levels. And each level is different, from the platforms’ setup to your enemies’ power and number. Of course, you’ll have to rise to the occasion and improve your abilities to overpower them.

Earn rewards for playing this mobile ninja game

When you complete a level, you earn coins that you can use in the shop to power up your sword and projectile attacks. You can also pay to recharge your health and stamina. Plus, each level gives you a different reward range. So once you complete the first level, you get 3–6 coins, while the 4th boss world pays you 25–30 coins.

Meanwhile, each time you buy a power-up, the price goes up by one coin. The idea is that this sort of balance makes you more invested in the most difficult levels. This mobile game platform certainly ups the ante on your playing skills.

This exciting mobile game platform has you fighting against goblin ninjas, and time
Horror Ninja Survival and two people

Discover this mobile game’s inputs

Gaming weapons are always fun to talk about, so let’s dig into how you kill off those zombie ninjas in Horror Ninja Survival. First, you have a left stick that you use to control movements as well as jumps. Then, an area on the right side of the screen gives you two buttons. One button controls the swords while the other throws projectiles like shurikens and kunais.

That’s all well and good, but, remember, attacking your enemies decreases your stamina, even if you defeat them. This means you’ll have to visit the above-mentioned shop to replenish your energy and upgrade your weapon.

Learn about this mobile ninja game’s 2 modes

Even cooler, you can play Horror Ninja Survival in 2 modes: Normal and Endless. Let’s learn more about them.

Normal Mode

In Normal mode, monsters attack you when you’re in their range. You also see a timer, and, if it runs out before you defeat your enemies, you’ll be struck by lightning. After you complete 9 levels, you must defeat a boss. And that gives you access to Endless mode on this mobile game platform.

Endless Mode

Things get trickier in Endless mode. Here, the deluge of monsters is constant, and you want to kill as many as you can to become the best ninja. A kill counter on your HUD tracks how many you’ve eliminated. If you reach the top 100 ninjas, you appear on the Leaderboard. So it’s a true gaming challenge.

Talk about the tech specs

The company’s Kickstarter page writes that the game is developed using Unreal Engine 4 blueprints and plugins. Also, the creators design the graphics using Photoshop and make the sprite animations in Spriter.

Support a team of self-taught developers

TeamEno is a group of self-taught developers who began their project in 2020. This gaming platform they created is fun, intense, and you can play it anywhere. Even better, this mobile gaming platform will be available on both Android and iOS.

If you’re an on-the-go gamer, Horror Ninja Survival is a cool game to add to your collection. Part ninja game, part horror film, this exciting platform sure gets your adrenaline pumping. And the cartoon graphics are super fun. With a total of 55 levels to play, this game is an enjoyable challenge.

Pledges for Horror Ninja Survival start at $11.84 on Kickstarter. You get a White Ninja, Black Ninja, and 2,000 coins. What mobile games do you play? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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