Nomad Leather Cover for MagSafe Battery Pack has a polycarbonate frame for protection » Gadget Flow

Protect your MagSafe Battery Pack from bumps and scratches with the Nomad Leather Cover for MagSafe Battery Pack. It boasts a durable polycarbonate frame and a soft microfiber interior. That way, you won’t have to worry about your MagSafe Battery Pack getting beat up when you stow it in a bag or your desk drawer. And the genuine Horween leather gives your MagSafe gadget a sleek, new look. In fact, the leather features vegetable tanning for a natural design. Best of all, it develops a beautiful patina over time which enhances its classic look. What’s more, the built-in microsuction tape allows the Leather Cover to mount easily to the battery pack. It also provides a form-fitting shape. Power up your iPhone 12 on the go in style with the Nomad Leather Cover.

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