Nordic Hygge Värme heater & detachable hand warmer holds a temperature up to 122 °F » Gadget Flow

Use the Nordic Hygge Värme portable heater & detachable hand warmer to keep warm while you’re out walking, working from home, or enjoying Pilates. It holds a temperature up to 122º F for an hour. So the hand warmer will get you warm in no time—keeping your fingers toasty. Alternatively, opt for the Värme portable heater in offer spaces. And it only takes three seconds to heat up. Furthermore, the heater features an overheating fuse that automatically switches off if the operating temperature becomes too warm. In fact, it’ll also automatically switch off if it falls over. Overall, keep your hands and body warm when it’s cold with this portable heater & detachable hand warmer. And with a quiet operation, the heater won’t disturb your comfort while you’re concentrating or sleeping.

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